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Not all mineral pools are created equally ....

Understanding Mineral Sanitation

A magnesium sanitised pool is wellness water for your body.  Every Cell in your body requires magnesium to function. 

A true freshwater mineral pool does not contain any sodium (salt) and is ideally run at mineral levels below 2,000ppm.

How ppm works, the higher the ppm the more mineral (kg's) you will need to sanitize your pool,  (this is the measure of mineral content in your water).

Most salt and mineral chlorinators available on the market run at levels of between 4,000ppm and up to 10,000ppm.   

Comparing this to a low mineral system which runs at between 900 to 1800ppm, the  difference is in the required amount of minerals you will need.   You will need at least twice as much, and up to five times as much mineral to sanitize your pool with a standard mineral system. 

This is the difference between $450 per year for a low mineral system and $2250 for a high mineral system on a 60,000 litre pool running at 2000ppm.

The saving to you is not only in time and money to maintain your pool on a mineral system, but also in your health and the health of our planet.

Become part of the pool community that no longer contributes to the production and use of chemical chlorine and its detrimental impact on people and our planet. 

Contact us to find out about convert your swimming pool to a low mineral system, and enjoy the health benefits and freshwater feel you deserve.

Contact us about installing a mineral pool in your home today.


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